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We procure wholesale electrical products for refineries, maintenance operations, water treatment plants, power generation, mining, construction, oil & gas exploration and petrochemical manufacturing across the country.
We offer high-quality components such as boxes,cables, conduit, enclosures, fittings, lighting, trays, wires and several types of structural product at competitive prices.
We buy and sell electrical components from many well established manufacturers in North America including Sqaure, Cooper Bussman, Cooper Lighting, Emerson, Brady, Sylvania, Schneider, Appleton, Thomas & Betts, and Leviton.

Welcome to Barrington Electrical Supply

We are a local and national wholesale supplier of electrical equipment, electrical instruments, industrial strength electrical wire, apparatus and various electrical devices for both commercial and industrial applications. Contact us today for quotes.
Our office is located in Houston, TX near the Ship Channel. We are committed to delivering accurate and prompt responses to all of our customers and our staff is experienced in sourcing anything you need to complete your current or future project.
Our expertise is supplying equipment to mechanical and electrical construction, oilfield, hydrocarbon and marine refining and mining industries. We also offer spare parts for plant operation and maintenance. Please contact us for prices and availability.



I was referred to Barrington Electrical Supply through a friend and have been using them for two years now. I really like the customer service they give to us and how prompt they are about getting quotes back to me. We shopped around a little and found their price to be very competitive and will continue to use them for all future projects. By A&G Construction


Barrington Electrical Supply is committed to providing all our customers with excellent electrical products at competitive prices. We are always shopping around to get the best deals so we can pass those savings on to our customers. Our company purchases industrial and commercial electrical components from all over the country and we are always looking for new sources that offer quality items at the right price.